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Suggérer des modifications. Eurideas Linguistic Services goes much further than simply providing translation services.

We also work to tight deadlines and complete assignments outside standard office hours or over the week-end if necessary.

To this end, our linguists and consultants specialize in many different fields, including European and public affairs, economics, engineering, industry, telecommunications, law, environmental protection, development, defense and security, agriculture, medicine, finance, information technology, tourism, education, culture, transport, natural sciences, political science, marketing.

Afficher la suite. We provide linguistic services, including translation, interpretation and … revision of documents, we specialize in EU Affairs and EU projects.

Our profound understanding of European policy objectives and focus areas, as well as our expertise in communications consultancy in both the public and private sectors, enables us to offer compelling solutions and tangible results to our business partners.

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We work predominantly with NGOs, industry and trade associations, communication and PR consultancies, development and human rights consultancies and law firms. Our main topics of translation are law, EUeconomics, politic, technology, medicine, advertising, culture and All languages, even All the topicslocalizations, programs etc. Try us, and you will not be Eu rideas Linguistic Services.

Eu rideas Linguistic Services Eu rideas Linguistic Eu rideas Linguistic Services is based in Brussels, in the capital of the Eu r EU affairs, public affairs, energy, transport, law, health, scineces, Best regards, Vera Abakumova Web: geacom.

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